Hainesport Transfer Station FAQ

Who can use this transfer station?

Hainesport Transfer is open to A901 licensed Solid Waste Haulers and self-generators. Trucks enter the facility on Delaware Avenue, drive on a paved road to the certified weigh station, and then proceed to the tipping floor to dispose of the solid waste. In most cases, vehicles are in and out of the facility in less than 14 minutes.

What kind of waste do you accept?

We accept two waste types.

Bulky waste

Large items of waste material, such as appliances and furniture. Discarded automobiles, trucks and trailers and large vehicle parts, and tires are included under this category.

Construction and Demolition Waste

Waste building material and rubble resulting from construction, remodeling, repair, and demolition operations on houses, commercial buildings, pavements and other structures. The following materials may be found in construction and demolition waste: treated and un­treated wood scrap; tree parts, tree stumps and brush; concrete, asphalt, bricks, blocks and other masonry; plaster and wallboard; roofing materials; corrugated cardboard and miscellaneous paper; ferrous and non­-ferrous metal; non-asbestos building insulation; plastic scrap; dirt; carpets and padding; glass (window and door); and other miscellaneous materials; but shall not include other solid waste types

Do you separate and recycle waste at this facility?

Yes, currently we are separating and recycling clean wood, block, plastic, metal and shingles. Other recycled products are added as commodities markets permit.

 How do I set up an account and get a disposal rate?

Accounts are easily and quickly set up by contacting the scale house at 609-261-8092 in advance of the initial trip to the facility. Once the account is set up, all of the required information is maintained at the facility for future visits.

Does Hainesport Transfer accept credit cards?

Yes. All credit cards are accepted.

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